Business tools to improve the productivity and profitability of your firm.

What exactly is GREAT?

GREAT is a business transformation tool with a difference. Once trained in the use of the toolkit, employees can take an existing process and optimise it, or model and create new processes and procedures to improve productivity, efficiency, or internal communication.

Unlike a one-off consultancy project, GREAT is a tool that can be used for the ongoing improvement of systems and processes, and offers a better return on investment (ROI) than using external consultancy firms. It also offers a revenue opportunity for accountancy firms that want to use GREAT to help their clients.

And best of all, GREAT is a toolkit that you can use in your own business quickly and simply.


  • provides tools that allow staff to streamline systems, processes and procedures
  • improves the way accounting firms work through better communication, collaboration and use of technology
  • allows staff at every level to make better decisions and focus on tasks that are important for the success of the practice as a whole
  • transforms the way the firm is managed and increase profits.

Gain a competitive advantage with GREAT.

Three areas of the business where GREAT can help immediately


Customer Service


People perform at their best when they feel good about their work, and have the systems and processes they need to get a job done.

With GREAT you can achieve change and streamline systems and processes in bite-sized chunks.
Turn a good firm into a GREAT firm with GREAT.

Interested in GREAT?

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