What is GREAT?

GREAT is a revolutionary business transformation tool that allows an individual employee or a team of employees, once they have been trained, to look at an existing system, process or procedure and improve or streamline it, or create an entirely new system or process.

Who should have GREAT training?

Our training courses will provide your staff with all the knowledge and skills they need to get started working with GREAT. The tools can be used by virtually anyone in an organisation, from administrative staff and managers through to partners and directors. It will depend on the size of your firm.

What after-sales support is available?

We provide ongoing support and can also help mentor your staff. We tailor our services to suit the needs and budget of our clients.

Give me an example of what GREAT could be used for in my firm

Sue works in the admin department of a busy accounting practice and has been trained to use the GREAT tools. The partners regularly attended business networking meetings, but it was discovered there was no internal systems to monitor whether this was a productive use of time or how effective it was at generating new business.

Sue used the GREAT tools to model and create a new system. The partners would now hand her business cards collected at each meeting with any notes of conversations or next actions that might be required. She would enter the names of these prospects into the firm’s customer relationship management (CRM) system, noting the source (partner network meeting and date), and then send a follow-up email to each prospect thanking them for their time and sending an overview of the firm’s services.

Once their details were in the CRM system, these prospects would receive the firm’s email newsletters, briefings and invitations to events. Sue could produce reports on prospects acquired via networking meetings and could identify those who became new clients or referred new business to the firm.


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