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Improve your marketing systems with GREAT

Gaining new clients is a challenge for many organizations. The use of technology is transforming the way business works. Aligning internal processes, with those of your clients and they way a business markets itself is a significant driver of the bottom line.

Many firms may outsource some of their marketing activity to a third party company. While this may yield results it can be expensive. With the right systems and processes in place there are many marketing activities that can be done in-house.

How can GREAT help?

Mastering modern technology is key if you want to communicate with prospects and clients. This could include using email, apps, social media platforms, delivering content through blogs and newsletters, and running online events.

GREAT can help build systems and processes that will support marketing activities and ensure that they are effective and the results measurable. It will allow the firm to exploit technology for competitive advantage.

Fee-earning partners often take time out from billable work to attend networking events: fast and efficient follow-up is needed to maximise any potential opportunities from new contacts made. GREAT is an ideal tool to create a follow-up process.

For example, when a partner returns from a networking event they should hand over the business cards of people they want to stay in contact with to one of the marketing team (or administrator who handles marketing activities). With the right systems and processes in place, the contact details can be entered into a CRM system, an email sent to thank them for their time, perhaps with an enclosed brochure or newsletter, and a connection made on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. Over time you will be able to build your prospect database and measure the effectiveness of attending networking events.

A marketing activity plan can be put in place with systems and procedures that would enable:

  • time to be set aside each day for someone to connect to local firms on Twitter and tweet messages aimed at raising the profile of the company
  • the generation of content for blogs and newsletters
  • the distribution of content via email, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as online platforms such as AccountingWeb.

Over 50% of people now read their emails on a smart phone or tablet rather than a desktop computer. People are more likely to read an email on one of these devices. Email offers a low-cost way to interact and communicate with clients and prospects.

GREAT can help design systems and processes to effectively manage the marketing process.


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